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italics bold italics bold subscrË superscript normal large extra large small extra small

heading level 1

heading level 2

heading level 3

  • list item 1
  • list item 2
    • list sub-item 2a
    • list sub-item 2b
  • list item 3
  1. numbered list item 1
    1. numbered list sub-item 1a
    2. numbered list sub-item 1b
  2. numbered list item 2
    • non-numbered list sub-item 2a
    • non-numbered list sub-item 2b
      • sub-sub-item 2b1
      • sub-sub-item 2b2
    type="1" start="3">

numbered list item 3 numbered list item 4

Let's put a horizontal line:

here is a
table with some headers and some data
left centered right
emphasized merged cells

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