NOTE: You may want to click on the "hide" buttons on the top bar on the right and left to widen your screen to be able to see more of the map at one time. You can click "show" again later when you want to see your links and etc. (:gma-map width=95% height=900px view=hybrid lat=41.328 lon=19.814 zoom=15:) (:gma-point lat=41.327500 lon=19.818600 text='Skanderbeg Square':) (:gma-point lat=41.333062 lon=19.804356 text='Zogu i Zi':) (:gma-point lat=41.329679 lon=19.825599 text='Stephen Center':) (:gma-point lat=41.333213 lon=19.823005 text='Selvia (Five Points)':) (:gma-point lat=41.328376 lon=19.799437 text='Center for Christian Leadership':) (:gma-point lat=41.325734 lon=19.803607 text='21 Dhjetori':) (:gma-point lat=41.324583 lon=19.817829 text='Taiwan Center':) (:gma-point lat=41.322878 lon=19.821750 text='The Pyramid':) (:gma-point lat=41.320870 lon=19.824279 text='Instituti Jeta e Re':) (:gma-point lat=41.320939 lon=19.826293 text='US Embassy':) (:gma-point lat=41.333065 lon=19.828792 text='Red School':) (:gma-point lat=41.333098 lon=19.829898 text='ABC Clinic (not sure of exact placement?)':) (:gma-point lat=41.336168 lon=19.816301 text='Train/Bus Station':) (:gma-point lat=41.341886 lon=19.800859 text='GDQ School':) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.333062 lon=19.804356 thickness=4 color='#990000':) Zogu i Zi (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.329056 lon=19.802707:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.327721 lon=19.802797:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.325734 lon=19.803607:) 21 Dhjetori (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.321476 lon=19.805464:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.324405 lon=19.823404:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.325731 lon=19.825871:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.327844 lon=19.828414:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.330427 lon=19.834526:) brylli (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.333167 lon=19.834014:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.340067 lon=19.829251:) unaze & dibres (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.340147 lon=19.826495:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.339370 lon=19.823626:) (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.337098 lon=19.820154:) unaze & siri kodra (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.335914 lon=19.816436:) train station (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.334278 lon=19.806201:) unaze & don bosko (:gma-line id=1 lat=41.333062 lon=19.804356:) Zogu i Zi

Fun Stuff & Recent Changes

The Center for Christian Leadership exists to serve the evangelical church of Albania. Have you used our library? Have you attended a conference recently? Have you read a book we've published? Do you know a leader who could benefit from some training? Have you made use of the information on our web-page? (Oh, that's what you're doing now!) In all these ways and many others we are here to serve you!

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