Tirana is the capital of Albania. With a population of nearly a million people, Tirana holds nearly one third of the population of the country.

The exact number of expatriates is not known, but there is a significant number living here from all over the world, whether missionary, businesspersons, embassy, or otherwise. This section of the CCL Wiki is intended to be a place where expatriates can share information about living here in Tirana. Favorite restaurants, things to do, education opportunities for children - whatever you would like to see in this section just go ahead and get it started and somebody else will hopefully expand it.

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The Center for Christian Leadership exists to serve the evangelical church of Albania. Have you used our library? Have you attended a conference recently? Have you read a book we've published? Do you know a leader who could benefit from some training? Have you made use of the information on our web-page? (Oh, that's what you're doing now!) In all these ways and many others we are here to serve you!

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