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With many, many evangelical translators working on many different projects there is bound to be a certain inconsistency in vocabulary, particularly theological vocabulary which has been out of use for many decades.

The hope with this page is that we can begin to arrive at a consistent theological vocabulary.

Here's an example of something similar aimed at a Russian-speaking audience: Attach:THEO_termsENG-RUS.pdf

How do you structure a project like this that could become thousands of words?!? I would want the English term, the Shqip term, with an explanation in each language. I would want an index both for the English and for the Shqip (or would a simple search suffice?).

Maybe a table like this?

English TermEnglish DescriptionShqip TermShqip Definition
ResurrectionA return from death to life in a miraculous wayRingjalljeTė kthehet nga vdekja nė jetė nė menyrė tė mrekullueshme.

Sorry for the example - obviously not the best example of a term where there's any confusion, but at least it gives us something for the example.

The other way the page could be structured would be to have the English term and the Shqip term in a table and each of them to be a link to the underlying description.

English TermShqip Term

I am very open to input on this structure. Ideally it would be something that could be parsed by a computer so that it could then be put in other forms as well (i.e., for eventual publishing?)... The first table lends itself to that better than the second, although both are possible. If I can parse it relatively easily with a computer program/script then I can easily convert it into another form at some point in the future...

It would be very nice if we had the opportunity for some discussion. Thus if someone is concerned that shfajsim is a negative expression for a positive concept we can discuss that and what alternatives exist. The second option would obviously lend itself better to this discussion.

Maybe use the first but have either the english or the shqip word being a link for the discussion?

Please give me some feedback on this... (The best way to give feedback is to write your thoughts here on this page.)


Very good idea, but has anything happened since it was suggested here? David, ABI

Unfortunately not a thing... Wiki's do not appear to be the communication media of choice among evangelicals in Albania... :-) If you can think of some way I can change the format or the presentation or the way of entering or something like that to encourage involvement in the project...? Peter Bowers February 09, 2009, at 10:23 PM

From David: Well, here is a short list of theological terms I produced last year for OM. Nowhere near complete, but it might be a start at least.

Holy Spirit - Fryma e shenjtė (Shpirti i shenjtė isn't exactly wrong, some churches still use it and it's in some songs. It's the term the Catholic church always uses, and it's the term used in the new interconfessional translation of the NT.)

Spirit - frymė

Soul - shpirt

Resurrection - ringjallja

Redemption - shpengim

Redeem - shpengoj

Save - shpėtoj

Saviour - shpėtimtar

Sin - mėkat

Sinner - mėkatar

Sinful - mėkatar , i mėkatshėm

Sinfulness - mėkatshmėria

Original sin - mėkatshmėria e trashėguar (or mėkati i trashėguar)

Millennium - mijėvjeēari

Predestination - paracaktimi

Free will - vullnet i lirė

Repent - pendohem

Repentance - pendim (pendesė is the Catholic term which usually means "penance", i.e. something you do to atone for your sins)

Convert (somebody) - kthej

Convert (myself) - kthehem

Conversion - kthim (or konvertim in some texts)

Atonement - shlyerje

Reconcile - pajtoj

Reconciliation - pajtim

Righteous - i drejtė

Righteousness - drejtėsi

Justify - drejtėsoj ; justifikoj, shfajėsoj

Justification - drejtėsim ; justifikim, shfajėsim

    This is a tricky issue. The "normal" Albanian words are justifikoj or shfajėsoj, but these also have the meaning "make excuses by blaming somebody else", so they can be misunderstood as meaning "find excuses" or "justify my behaviour" rather than "make/declare righteous". In the revised NT, they introduced the new term drejtėsoj, which I prefer precisely because it has no other connotations. Some people object to it since it is an invented term, unknown outside the evangelical church (and not necessarily known even within it). It will not be understood by non-believers without explanation; on the other hand, non-believers will also not understand the biblical meaning of the other two terms.

Justice - drejtėsi

    Note that there is only one word for righteousness & justice, which is actually quite biblical.

Revival - rizgjim

Adoption - birėsim

Son of God - Biri i Perėndisė

Children of God - fėmijė / bij tė Perėndisė

Messiah - Mesia

Heaven - qielli

Hell - ferri

Jew - hebre , ēifut (I think this last term is slightly denigrating, but it's hard to know)

Christian - i krishterė (preferable to kristian)

Christianity - krishtėrimi

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